Sunday, February 13, 2011

The first swap was a success!

Our first homemade food swap was madly sucessful! We had about a dozen swappers & tons of handmade food & other goodies! Here are some of the items on display ready for offers:

Swappers walked around perusing all the items and writing down "offers."

While this was going on, we also enjoyed the delicious food everyone brought to share & the grapefruit cocktails a la Dana!

Here are some of our fabulous goods:

Everyone walked away happy!

That's it in a nutshell folks! A great time was had by all & we all agree to do it again! Date & location TBD!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

1st Food Swap is tomorrow!

I'm busy getting ready for our first homemade, homegrown, hand-foraged food swap!

I'm trying to label & package all my goods tonight. I still have to go through my freezer tomorrow to see what I can come up with to bring from there. So far I am bringing:

*Fresh Eggs
*Apple -Butter
*Strawberry Syrup
*Pear & Apple Chutney
*Green Beans
*I had a failed attempt at mozzerella. So, I may be bringing ricotta! I may also re-attempt mozzerella in the morning, but we'll see!

There's a lot of discussion about what others are bringing on facebook.

I have the cards to identify every one's items all printed & cut out. We are going to run it like Hip Girl's Guide To Homemaking suggests. I have nametags because I know everyone will not know everyone, even me!

Thank you so much to Dana for hosting the swap! I know it will be the perfect venue!

I will be sure to take pictures & update you on how it all went down!

Only 14 hours to go!